Class E1 – Minaz Alidina

Welcome to Class E1 – Teacher: Sis. Minaz Alidina

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year

Homework due May 6th

Please review all notes, and if you wish to the book as the test will be Sunday May 6th. This test will be more challenging than what we typically have.

 Homework due April 29th

Please read Chapters 7,8, & 9 . I will post the questions that go along with the reading shortly. Additionally, make sure that you wrote down all notes discussed in class on Chapter 6.

The test on the book will likely be May 6th.

  1. Define Rajaat?
  2. What are the two types of rajaat?
  3. Who will be brought back to life why?
  4. Rajaat is sometimes known as:
  5. The two death are referred to as?
  6. The lives are referred to as
  7. Summarize two miracles that you found most interesting in your own words?
  8. Nothing irritates Shaitan more than:
  9. Are we doing what the Imam advices us to do? (3-5 sentences)

 Homework due April 22nd

Please read and take down important information on Chapter 6.

Homework for January 28th

Music and its Effect

  • What is the ruling about music in Islam? Why does Islam not recommend music?
  • Please watch the videos below:

The Qualities and Necessity of Imamah

  • What are the necessary qualities of an Imam?
  • Why must there always be a hujjah of Allah (SWT) present amongst mankind?
  • What are the similarities and differences of the responsibilities of the Holy Prophet and the Imams after him?
  • Please watch the video below:

Enjoy the break! 🙂

  • The word parents does not just refer to your natural parents, but also refers to those who have taken trouble to teach you, especially to those who have improved you as a person. List at least three sets of parents:
    • __________
    • __________
    • __________
  • In the Quran, kindness to parents is mentioned at 7 places. One of the places is Surah 17; Ayat 23. List other places in the Quran which mention kindness to parents? (Surah and Ayat Numbers; English translation)
  • Think about all the circumstances in which you are thankful for your parents / guardians?
  • It is our duty to help them with chores around the house so they get some time to relax. Let’s take this winter break as an opportunity to help them out, and be good obedient children. What our other duties towards our parents?


  • If water is not available and its time for namaz, how does one purify themself for namaz?
  • What is the method of performing this act?


Hw due 11/12

Sorry for the late notice.

Prepare answers for the following questions for an in-class activity relating to Bibi Zaynab: 

  1. What are the traits of Bibi Zaynab’s and how is she a role model for all of us?
  2. What can we do to follow in her footsteps?
  3. Who are the family members of Bibi Zaynab?


List the wajib and mustahab acts of namaaz. Leave space between your answers as we will take additional notes it class.