Class E2 – Irfan Gangjee

Welcome to Class E2 – Teacher: Br. Irfan Gangjee

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year

Homework for Nov 19
(What will be the Islamic date? What do we commemorate in the last days of the month of Safar?)

Qasr Namaz and Roza 

  1. Ammar goes for Hajj and goes to Medina and then Mecca. He stays in Medina for 3 days and Mecca for 4 days. Should he pray qasr in either place?
  2. Shabnam is travelling from Allentown to New York for a majlis and reaches there for Maghrib/Isha Namaaz. Should she pray qasr? She also remembers that she has to pray qadha of Zohr and Asr. If she prays in New York, should she pray Zohr and Asr as qasr?
  3. Akber intends to go to Connecticut for a day from New Jersey. He leaves at 2 pm, but doesn’t pray Zohr/Asr. He reaches Connecticut at 4 pm (before Maghrib time). He decides to pray Zohr/Asr there. Should he pray qasr?
  4. Fiza was traveling but did not know the correct rules for qasr. As a result she prayed full when she should have prayed qasr. Is her namaaz valid?
  5. Tehsin was traveling to Florida from New York and stayed there for more than 10 days. As a result, he should not have prayed qasr. However, due to his ignorance, prayed qasr during his entire stay. Is his namaaz valid?
  6. Sameer, who lives in New York, went to the cemetry in New Jersey one early morning during Ramadhan. He returned back home to New York before Zohr. Can he fast on that day?
  7. Insiya who lives in Allentown wanted to come to NY for a majlis one day in Ramadhan. She left Allentown after praying Zohr. Is her fast valid?
  8. Zuher had to go to a conference in Tampa during Ramadhan. He came back on the 15th of Ramadhan and arrived back home in NJ at 2pm. Can he fast on that day?

Homework for Nov 12

  • What is the difference between the rukh and ghayr rukn acts of salah?
  • List the rukn and ghayr rukh acts of Namaz..

Prepare answers for the following questions for an in-class activity relating to Bibi Zaynab: 

  1. What are the traits of Bibi Zaynab’s and how is she a role model for all of us?
  2. What can we do to follow in her footsteps?
  3. Who are the family members of Bibi Zaynab?