Class H – Munawar Kermalli

Welcome to Class H – Teacher: Munawar Kermali

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year

HW for 2/4/18

Work on your news update slides for assembly.  Send in additional pictures/articles for newsletter.  Find one Muhkam and one Mutashabihaat verse from Chapter 2.  Review the lecture below on Battle of Badr (starts at 43 minute marker


HW for 1/14/18

Find 3 “Muhkam” (decisive) verses and 3 “Mutashabihaat” (allegorical) verses from Surah Baqarah and bring them to class for discussion.

HW for 12/17/17

Complete your article for the newsletter as discussed in class.  Write another short article on the your topic of interest from Surah Baqarah (link to presentation slides has been emailed out).  Please limit to 2 pages.

HW for 11/12/17

Please complete the questions for Surah Baqarah.  Also start working on your presentation for the monthly news update

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Questions on Baqarah”]

HW for 10/22/17

Go over your assembly slides and be prepared for the presentation.  Write two paragraphs on the first two sections of surah Baqarah (believers, non believers, hypocites and the story of Adam)


HWfor 10/15/17

Collectively work on you assembly presentation.  Review the two stories in Surah Baqarah on N. Adam (2:21-2:39) and N. Ibrahim (2:104-2:141).  What similarities and differences can you find between these two stories?


HW for 10/8/17

Complete the previous HW if you haven’t done so.  Keep a tab of news events that we can share with the madressa when we come back after Ashura.  Also  think of articles that we write in our newsletter.  Perhaps something on the recent fundraiser, or an overview of the lectures at the mosque that you will attend during Muharram.


HW for 9/17/17 

As discussed in class, please keep track on news events that would be relevant for sharing with the Madressa at large at the end of the month.  Our class will use the assembly time at the end of each month to present to the entire madressa a “News Broadcast” of events that have transpired during the month that we should be aware of.

Also, we discussed the revival of the Madressa Newsletter which will be created by our class.  Please think about any articles/games/puzzles/etc that you like to include.  We will try to rotate the Editor in Chief position through all the students in this class.

Read the attached Sermon of Ghadeer – Write an essay summarizing the 10 parts.  Two pages for the essay would be ideal.

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