News, Programs & Events at Madressa

Upcoming Events at Madressa

  • April 29th – Field Day Fundraiser
    • The students & teachers of Az-Zahra invite you to attend our Sports/Field Day on April 29th, (after Madressa classes, at Mackay Park) to raise funds for our Ramadhan  Programs & English Lectures.
    • Please support the students by sponsoring them.
  • May 6th – Final Exams
  • May 13th – Final day of School (Make up of Finals for Excused Absences)
  • May 20th – Annual Awards Ceremony – Will be conducted before Ramadhan program at 6pm, followed by the daily Ramadhan Program


In an effort to uplift our spirituality during the Holy Month of Ramadhan, we have invited Sayed Jawad Qazwini to address the English Lectures at Mehfil for the first 15 nights.

This will benefit our children, youth & Community at large.

Please support the programs by attending and by sponsoring a lecture.

To make a financial donation or to Sponsor a lecture, please click the donate button below ….